Company Profile

“People always tell us that we are a bit different"

We believe that companies of all sizes can achieve big things. We see no reason why multi-national blue chips should have a monopoly on the top talent and just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better solution.

India Property Haat (A division of IPH Group), Delhi-NCR’s leading real estate consultancy has been founded in year 2012 and since then, it is achieving new goals and horizons. We are having specialization in residential and commercial properties in Delhi- NCR and have been the most transparent in our dealings and came out as most reliable and trustworthy consultancy who thinks about benefits of its clients’.

We believe that successful real estate professionals don't “sell” real estate. They help people find and acquire properties they love. There's a big difference between these two concepts that everyone who has shown property understands: hard-sale tactics don't work with most real estate buyers. You don't have to sell them on something. They know exactly whether or not they like a property, often the minute they see it.

Real estate buyers today spend a lot of time doing online research before venturing out to purchase a home or a property. Being a real estate professional is a bit like being a combination counsellor, detective, and coordination expert.